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Jana Deisner

Technische Universität Berlin
School VI: Planning Building Environment
Department of Sociology

Fraunhoferstraße 33-36
Sekretariatszeichen FH 9-1
10587 Berlin

FH 9-1

Research Project

My PhD project concerns the relation between development of technology and organization of work in the innovation field of digital assisting technologies for elderly people.

In this project, I emphasize the mutual constitution of visions of the context of use, practices of development and configuration of interfaces on the one hand and practices of organizing outpatient elderly care on the other hand.

In light of demographic change, numerous projects for the development of technical assistance, which should enable elderly people to lead a longer self-determined life in their everyday environment, are being promoted. This has resulted in numerous demonstrators, prototypes and products, which, however, were usually designed and constructed by technology developers alone. Although these technologies can hardly work without interfaces that must be operated by care services or relatives in order to provide the intended benefit for the elderly person, actors from care do not take a prominent role in their conception so far.

This project therefore asks what significance the organization of outpatient care work has had so far for the conception of this technology and then examines the development of this relationship between technical conception and everyday organizational practice.

To this end, a qualitative approach at the level of the innovation field of digital assistance systems for elderly people will be pursued, based on interviews, document analysis and participatory observation.


(* = peer reviewed)#

Berghöfer, A.; Auschra, C.; Deisner, J.; Sydow, J. (2020): Innovative Modelle zur Sicherung der Gesundheitsversorgung im ländlichen Raum. In: ZFA Zeitschrift für Allgemeinmedizin 96 (5), 198-202. DOI: 10.3238/zfa.2020.0198–0202

Auschra, C./Deisner, J./Berghöfer, A./Sydow, J. (2019): Versorgung im ländlichen Raum - Ohne Pflege?! PflegeZeitschrift 72 (9), 54-57. DOI: 10.1007/s41906-019-0150-z

*Deisner, J./Hergesell, J./Maibaum, A. (2018): Nutzerkonfiguration und konfigurierende Nutzer in ambulanten Pflegesettings. In: Weidner, R./Karafilidis, A. (Hg.): Dritte Transdisziplinäre Konferenz Technische Unterstützungssysteme, die die Menschen wirklich wollen. Konferenzband. Helmut-Schmidt-Universität: Hamburg. 25-32. available at: Link.

Auschra, C./Deisner, J./Berghöfer A./Sydow J. (2018): Sicherstellung der Gesundheitsversorgung in ländlich geprägten Regionen: Neue Organisationsmodelle und Maßnahmen. Projektbericht in Herausgeberschaft der Stiftung Münch. Berlin.

*Deisner, J. Grieser, C. (2018): The Relationship between Openness and Closedness in the FabLab. A Differentiated Typology of Possible Relations between Institutional Logics. In: Schafft Wissen: Gemeinsames und geteiltes Wissen in Wissenschaft und Technik: Proceedings der 2. Tagung des Nachwuchsnetzwerks "INSIST", 07.-08. Oktober 2016, München


The Relationship between Openness and Closedness in the FabLab. A Differentiated Typology of Possible Relations between Institutional Logics; 2. Tagung des Nachwuchsnetzwerks "INSIST", 07.-08. Oktober 2016, München

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